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Orthodontists for Children

Not every orthodontist is a great children’s orthodontist.  Finding an orthodontist that specializes with children is a must for any parent today.  A great children’s orthodontist aligns teeth during the optimal age without starting too early or late.  it is important to begin the corrective procedure at the right time because  the bones of an adult fuse and move in a less pliable manner.  Correcting a smile at a younger age means faster results with a lot less discomfort. Consider these factors when searching for the best children’s orthodontist.



When you first enter a prospective orthodontist’s office take a moment to observe your surroundings.  Is the atmosphere inviting?  Is it children friendly?  It is very likely by just seeing how the office is set up before you speak to anyone will give you an indication of how focused they are on treating children.

Treatment Options

Are there a variety of treatment options that can be explained to you in an easy manner?  Not all braces are created equal.  For example, the Damon System can provide accelerated results with much less discomfort when compared to traditional braces.  Many orthodontists do not offer the Damon System, but instead just offer other traditional options or Invisalign.  An orthodontist focused on getting the best results for your children should be well versed on and offer a variety of options.

Staff Personality

Is your children’s orthodontist and their staff a match for your child’s personality? Many orthodontists are technical and efficient which is great for adults, but not ideal for children. Most children prefer a more personable orthodontist that asks about their hobbies, friends, school and more.  A doctor truly focused on treating children will take the time to bond with each of their patients over time.

A children’s orthodontist also understands unique challenges that face younger patients.  One such example is in maintaining an open jaw position for extended periods of time.  There is a big difference in what a child can handle versus an adult, especially with regard to pain tolerance. A children focused orthodontist may even offer a plan with less discomfort, albeit a slightly longer treatment timeline, that benefits your child’s overall comfort.


It is imperative you learn how many years has the orthodontist been practicing.  When trusting your child to any medical professional you want to know they are in good hands.  Before-and-after images help, along with patient testimonials.  A quick check of online and social media reviews can also give you an unbiased perceptive of the office you are considering.


Your dental insurance plan through your employer most likely covers an orthodontic benefit for your dependents. Check to see whether the orthodontist is within the provider network to control cost.

The American Association of Orthodontics suggests that children be seen for an orthodontic consultation by the age of 7. At that age, the orthodontist can advise of any functional orthodontic problem and when the appropriate timing for treatment is indicated.

An office that is invested in helping their patients will accept insurance as well as other payment plans.  Flexibility is very important for some families, so make sure to ask what options they office can provide.

Wemmer Family Orthodontics

At Wemmer Family Orthodontics we pride ourselves on providing an outstanding experience for children and adults alike.  Our offices are comfortable and have great entertainment options for all ages.  Our staff is incredibly kind, experienced, and loves working with children.  Contact us to today to learn how we can help your child achieve their perfect smile!

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